A modern day Romeo and Juliet

If you're not willing to steal a fortune from your family and then murder them execution style one by one for the woman you claim to love, then you don't know true love. https://nypost.com/2019/05/30/records-reveal-mans-obsession-with-bulgarian-camgirl-before-allegedly-killing-his-family/ Just when I feel I'm not a total disappointment in the world, I see stories like this. That of a 29 … Continue reading A modern day Romeo and Juliet

Game of Thrones: House of Inbred

Game of Thrones has become the greatest television show in the history of television seemingly overnight. I'd heard about it over the years, mostly about how it contained a shit ton of sex, death and dragons (which would be an awesome band name). I never actually watched it until recently, and am currently only midway … Continue reading Game of Thrones: House of Inbred