Get the sticks out of your asses

Honestly everyone today wants to be a victim, but its starting to get out of hand. Every thing said now is put under the microscope and someone out there screams for their head. It doesn’t even need to be something said IN THIS CENTURY. If someone doesn’t like something or too much time has passed since somebody was butthurt about words that had nothing to do with them, they’ll dig up old tweets or quotes from years ago. Then that person who said it, at a time when nobody cared, is put through the ringer and called a racist/homophobic/womanizer/antisemitic or whatever other label can be thrown around with no caution.   

Everyone is a victim. Its crazy. Even the people who are being blamed or harassed about something they said is claiming to be a victim. Its all one big circle jerk of non-consenting victims. Making it a circle rape I guess? I don’t know. I don’t know the qualifications to be labeled that anymore. 

Kevin Hart was recently kicked out of his job hosting the Oscars because of homophobic tweets from 7 years ago. Yes they were homophobic, but they were also 7 years old and very few people gave a damn about them until now. The Academy wanted him to apologize. He didn’t which I am glad. I want someone out there who gets called out for things they said years ago to just be like “Yes, I said it. It was a joke. People found it funny then, some people still find it funny now. Sorry if it offended you, but not all jokes are for everyone. Don’t listen to me if you don’t like it.” It’s that easy. Pick what you like and stick with it. Stop policing everyone for things that don’t fall into your own lifestyle and beliefs. If someone out there is being legitimately racist or homophobic, people will see. They won’t follow or pay money for it. Or they will and that’s on them. Don’t go to comedy shows expecting the jokes to be gender or race neutral. Those things exist, they’re not going anywhere. Crying victim because the man on TV tweeted the word fag 8 years ago in a way that wasn’t meant to harm anyone specifically just makes it impossible for people to speak freely. If you’re butthurt about something, grow up and move on. Its a shitty world filled with hate, but the majority of jokes aren’t meant to spread hate, they just are meant to make people laugh. If you can’t see that, you probably have no sense of humor. Or your sense of humor goes as far as a why did the non-gender, non-GMO, half white half black, asexual chicken cross the road. 

I couldn’t care less about your race or gender, sexuality or religion. You do you. I still make jokes about all of the above. People don’t take it seriously. I work with a man from Africa. He calls me the white devil. I tell him his birth name was just a bunch of clicking noises. We both laugh. Thats the way the world should be. Get over yourself and your lame ass need to cry about everything and enjoy the world for what it is. Enjoy what you like but also let others enjoy what they want. No, don’t spread hate and don’t go around trying to bring physical harm towards others just because you don’t agree with their life/race/sexuality or whatever. And honestly, the Kevin Hart tweets were guilty of just not even being funny. Thats the only crime committed there. He wasn’t saying go out and kill homosexuals. He used the word fag and said he doesn’t want his kid to be gay. OK, probably something a lot of men feel. Are they insecure about themselves and their children and afraid of something they know nothing about? Sure. That’s their problem though. Let them deal with that. You don’t need to jump down their throats because of something they said or feel. Thats somewhat hypocritical. 

And stop apologizing for things you did or said because the mob mentality of the internet is telling you to. The classics in movies and music are classic for a reason. Don’t apologize because Rudolph the red-nose reindeer encourages bullying. That makes no sense. That was thought up by the same people who think you need a participation trophy and sports shouldn’t keep score. I didn’t see any black people in the grinch. Was he just an outcast because his skin was different? No fucktards, he wasn’t but you know someone out there is gonna claim he was someday soon. Some liberal arts professor (what the fuck even is that job?) from some college will have his students crying foul over it until he (or she, duh) gets their name in the paper. 

Also, stop complaining white men don’t understand and thats why we hate when people cry about this shit. Thats not it. Im sick of seeing these people who identify as a fuckin non gender tree from the planet Volton or whatever complain that white cisgender (WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?) mens time is up. Isn’t that a little hypocritcal? Are you assuming all white men think the same way? We don’t. The smart ones think you’re a moron who needs attention probably, but that’s about it.

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